Posted by: Holdani R. | January 27, 2011

The Outbreak #1

Hello readers, This is my first story. It’s about zombie outbreak. Hope you will enjoy it and please comment.

My eyes stared at the clear dawn as I walk on the rooftop. Don’t know what to say. I just can hold my AK and take a deep breath.

This city has fallen. Fall to the race of pale faced undead. I think I couldn’t forget that day. The day where it started, the day of outbreak.

*A week ago*

It’s 04 AM and of course I’m still laying on my bed. I feel something terrible are about to happen, but then the feeling went away as I tried to close my eyes.

*radio tuner sound* ‘zzzzzzz. . . .’
‘good morning everybody, it’s me Jacky McHelion on air. And if you still laying on your bed, come on wake up. It’s seven o’clock guys. .
*a button pressed sound*
That was my radio alarm, I’m sick of it but it very helpful.

Shining sun shine, I can feel it through my windows. Wake me up and opened my eyes. Then I stretch my body and get up from bed. I see my room is quite nice. It must be Sarah. She came up and clean everything.

I walked to the kitchen after washing my face and brush my teeth. I see her prepared the breakfast.
”How was your sleep, Steve? Sorry I didn’t wake you up. You look very tired. .”
”Aaah. .yeah. .nice, thanks”
She smiled, ”I made some sandwich. .here . .” She put a piece of sandwich on a plate and give it to me.

Her sandwich is very delicious, She was blessed with such a cook skill I think.
”How was it taste?”
”Good as always” I smile.

I watch the tv as Sarah wash all the dish. I change the channels until I found an interesting news.
‘A group of man attack a Dept. Store’ was the headline of the news.
The news reporter said that the group were completely insane to eat it’s victim. I can see them, they’re has pale face and skin, walk slowly and moaning.
I call sarah to watch this news.
”How could they do that? Are they cannibals or something?” then she continue washing the dish because She can’t look it anymore.

There is only one thing that come into my mind, I don’t want to accept it but it keep running in my mind, it’s Zombie. I look at Sarah and told her that don’t go anywhere because it’s dangerous outside.
”ha ha ha. . You’re kidding. . ” She look at me.
”Okay okay. . I won’t go until it safe”
I just relieved.


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