Posted by: Holdani R. | June 19, 2011

Am I your friend? Are you my friend?

Nothing seems so clear than our friendship. When you held my hand, walk together to the sky. In the moon shine, we’ve made an oath. To be friend forever, no matter what happen, no matter what I do. There is a reason for it.

Under the glowing night, we count the stars. It was our dream. Reaching the stars, bring it to the loved one.

After many nights we’ve been through. We’ve become a man. A real man. After so many past passed, we’ve grown.
Now it’s the time for us to be the star. We walked different ways now. It’s true we’re going to be separated, we’re chasing our dream. But please remember, the times that we’ve been through, when we still arguing for such a reason, when we still green in judging. That is our time.

Such a wonderful time I have with you. My friend.


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